• RazPlus


    RazPlus is a well known online reading platform designed to inspire and engage young readers. As the flagship product of Learning A-Z, a famous education company in the United States, RazPlus offers a wealth of digital books that are divided into 29 English reading levels. With its unique reading encouragement mechanism, RazPlus effectively boosts children's interest in reading and progressively enhances their English reading proficiency.


    Unlike its well-known counterpart, RazKids, RazPlus takes children's reading experience to a whole new level. With over 2,600 leveled reading books and an impressive collection of 50,000+ reading resources, RazPlus offers a broader range of content that caters to various reading abilities and interests. Families with multiple children will appreciate the convenience of RazPlus as it enables easy sharing across different reading levels. Furthermore, RazPlus includes an extensive selection of Spanish (1,200+) and French (~500) books, making it an inclusive resource for bilingual and multilingual learners. While some of the French books may not have audio, the vast array of high-quality content guarantees an enriching reading journey for young readers.


    Refund Policy:No refund for group buy orders. All sales are final.


  • IXL


    IXL is the most popular learning system in North America designed for students from pre-Kindergarten (PK) to 12th grade. In the United States, 1 in every 8 elementary and middle school students has an IXL account, highlighting its popularity.


    Children can practice at any time and in any subject. If they answer a question incorrectly, a different variation of the same concept will be presented for repeated practice until they answer correctly. IXL also allows for score tracking, setting rewards, and providing regular progress reports for parents.


    The group purchase includes either IXL Canada or IXL USA account. The Canadian version includes English and Math, while the American version includes English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. It is suitable for PK-12th grade. Each grade and subject has a vast question bank, and the group purchase account can access all content for all grades. If multiple children in a family share the same account, the progress report may not be accurate for each individual child.


    After placing your order and completing payment, you will receive your account login information within 24 hours.


    Please note that group purchase products are non-refundable, so please confirm your purchase before placing the order. If you would like to transfer the learning progress from an existing account to the new group purchase account, please contact customer service after receiving the new account login information, and we will assist you in completing the transfer.


    Refund Policy:No refund for group buy orders. All sales are final.


  • Great Writing


    Great Writing is a series developed by National Geographic Learning that uses the beautiful images and text materials from National Geographic to inspire students' interest in writing. Each level and unit provides clear writing standards and a large number of appropriately challenging exercises, including models, writing tasks, error correction, editing, and more. It is organized by level and theme, allowing students to progress from basic writing to academic writing through focused training.


    The Great Writing curriculum is designed as a thematic writing series and consists of 6 levels, starting with Foundations and progressing to L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5. It is a specialized material for developing students' English writing skills, introducing the basic concepts of writing and the process of constructing texts. Through the practice of rewriting native texts, students can intuitively learn English writing methods.


    Teacher will provide the necessary materials for each class to the students who sign up for the course, so parents do not need to purchase them separately.

  • Beast Academy Online


    Beast Academy is a renowned math curriculum designed by the educational company AoPS for students in grades 2 to 5. The curriculum teaches math concepts to children through the adventures of little beasts going to school and the various fun incidents that happen in their classroom and everyday life. It is accompanied by puzzles, videos, small rewards, and other engaging elements to optimize learning outcomes.


    The individual purchase price for Beast Academy Online is $130/year. However, this group purchase will save you 15%. The group purchase includes a one-year Beast Academy Online account, which not only includes all the content from the Beast Academy print books (excluding the physical books themselves) but also provides access to over 800 mini-lessons, 700 videos, and over 15,000 practice problems.


    Suitable for:1st-5th grade. Note: The difficulty level of Beast Academy's questions is far beyond the curriculum requirements and is only suitable for advanced students.


    Parents who participate in the group purchase will receive their account activation codes via email within 24 hours after placing their order. The activation code can be used to create a new account or to reactivate an expired account. It can also be used to extend the usage time of an existing account that is still active. Parents can decide when to activate their accounts, and once activated, the account will be valid for one year. For example, if you purchase an account activation code on 9/30/2021 and activate the account on 10/31/2021, the account will be valid from 10/31/2021 to 10/30/2022. The activation code itself is valid for two years.


    Refund Policy:No refund for group buy orders. All sales are final.
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Vocabulary


    Wordly Wise 3000 is the most widely used English vocabulary program for K-12 students in North America, with a history of over 50 years. It is recognized as the best method for rapidly increasing students' vocabulary and is loved by teachers and students alike. It can be regarded as a classic vocabulary teaching material and practice resource. One of the most important functions of Wordly Wise 3000 is to master academic vocabulary, improve students' vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills through vocabulary differentiation, reading comprehension, and usage.


    With the guidance of experienced teachers, students can have a deeper understanding of vocabulary. By using short passages, cloze exercises, sentence construction, and finding synonyms and antonyms in the materials, students can repeatedly memorize and apply words in various contextual environments to deepen their memory. This allows students to accurately use words in their writing, thereby improving their writing skills and increasing their level of intensive reading.


    The teachers are American public school English teachers with years of teaching experience in English. They have rich experience in improving students' vocabulary, reading and writing abilities, and enhancing their reading interest.


    Homework will be assigned in each class, and the teachers will check and provide feedback on the homework. There will be mid-term and final exams as well as exam reviews, and regular progress reports will be provided.


    Please click on the grade and course for more details.

  • BrainPop


    BrainPop is a famous American education company that helps children learn subjects such as science, social studies, English, math, engineering, health, art, and music through thousands of high-quality animated videos.


    In the United States, over 20% of schools use BrainPop because of its high-quality content and effectiveness in helping children learn. BrainPop videos are engaging and entertaining, using creative methods to explain difficult concepts and allowing children to learn while having fun. After each video, there are various forms of interaction and quizzes to reinforce the learned knowledge, combining fun and educational elements.


    The group purchase includes a one-year account for BrainPop, starting from the day of purchase. It includes access to BrainPop (grades 3-12), BrainPop Junior (grades K-3), BrainPop in Spanish, and BrainPop in French. The retail price is $248 per year, but the group purchase will save you 86% of the cost.


    Refund Policy:No refund for group buy orders. All sales are final.


  • ChessKid Gold Membership


    ChessKid is a well-known online platform for children to learn and play chess. Children can join for free and play online chess games with other kids from around the world. ChessKid offers a wide range of teaching materials and videos that are engaging and suitable for children of different ages. It allows children to learn chess at their own pace and improve their skills through practice games, while developing an interest in chess and enhancing their logical thinking abilities.


    One of the greatest advantages of ChessKid compared to other online chess platforms is its child-friendly user interface and excellent user experience. Children are unable to chat with others, and parents and coaches have special accounts with management functions for easy monitoring and supervision.


    The group purchase includes a one-year ChessKid Gold Membership account, which is valid for one year from the date of purchase. With the Gold Membership, children can play against any level of computer opponents, have unlimited access to puzzle practice, and make use of over 800 video tutorials to learn chess progressively.


    Group Buy Steps (Please read before placing order)


    • You must already have a ChessKid account in order to participate in this group purchase. When placing your order, you will need to provide your ChessKid username.
    • If you do not have a ChessKid account yet, please register one sunnybirdschool.com/chesskid here
    • first.


    Refund Policy:No refund for group buy orders. All sales are final.
  • Python Coding

    Python Programming Class aims to cultivate students' interest in programming and logical thinking, suitable for students with no programming background. Click to read the detailed description of the Python Programming Class.


    Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, dynamic data type high-level programming language. Python is concise, elegant, and widely used, making it suitable for beginners to learn programming.


    The invited teacher has 25 years of teaching experience, is friendly and approachable, familiar with the psychology, interests, and needs of young students. The teacher is good at guiding the cultivation of students' logical thinking and arousing their interest in learning by starting with topics that students are interested in. The teaching materials used are clear and convenient. The goal is to make students learn Python skills and easily master this technical tool.


    The teacher is currently a computer software engineer with more than 20 years of software development experience and 10 years of programming teaching experience. He is familiar with Python, Java, web development, and big data related technologies. At present, he provides training for computer software engineers of Fortune 500 companies and is completing his computer doctoral degree, majoring in data analysis.


    Please click to select the specific schedule. Please prepare a computer for your child to study. It can be a desktop computer, laptop, or Chromebook, but not an iPad. Students need to be proficient in using computers, mice, and keyboards.


    Limited time offer: Enrolling in this course will give you one month of Science and Technology Club membership benefits, allowing you to participate in 4 club activities, worth $60. After enrolling in the course, please add the familiar AIxue customer service on WeChat to receive it. If you don't have a familiar AIxue customer service, please add WeChat: aixueusa. AIxue's old users are welcome to inquire about the activity of forwarding and exchanging points.

  • TestPrep Online

    TestPrep Online is a renowned online exam preparation platform that offers a wide range of practice questions for various exams, including the New York Gifted and Talented Test, MAP, SCAT, TEAS, CogAT, SSAT, ACCUPLACER, Wonderlic, and more. It is highly regarded by many schools, parents, and teachers.


    The group purchase includes a Family Membership plan, which grants access to all question banks on the website. The membership is valid for one year, starting from the day of purchase. Within 24 hours of payment, you will receive your account login information via email, allowing you to start using the platform.


    Please note: A family can share the same account among multiple children, but it is not allowed to have multiple addresses accessing the same account. Logging in from multiple addresses may result in account suspension, and we are not responsible for any consequences arising from this.


    Refund Policy:No refund for group buy orders. All sales are final.

    TestPrep Online

  • STAR Assessment


    STAR Assessment is a well-known academic assessment system.


    The test was developed by the renowned British education company Renaissance and is used in over one-third of schools in the United States. It provides academic assessment and guidance services to over 40,000 schools worldwide and millions of students, with over 60 million tests administered annually.


    The assessment is conducted on a computer and consists of multiple-choice questions. It is an adaptive test, meaning that the difficulty of the next question is automatically adjusted based on the student's answers. The test assesses multiple skills and can evaluate students' abilities on different levels. The final report provides an accurate assessment of the student's level, specifying the grade and month, and compares it with the average level of American students.


    This product includes one STAR Academic Assessment. Within 24 hours after placing the order, you will receive the testing account, login information, and usage instructions. Please contact customer service to request the assessment results after completing the test. It is recommended for parents to conduct the assessment every 3-6 months and keep the results for comparison.


    Refund Policy:No refund for group buy orders. All sales are final.
  • Starfall


    Starfall is a high-quality online learning website and app that offers interactive games for children to learn English phonics, math, music, and more. Children can have fun while learning and develop a sense of autonomy in their learning through positive reinforcement.


    Compared to other learning platforms, Starfall has a very low entry barrier, which is related to the founder's childhood experience. Stephen Schutz, the founder of Starfall, had reading difficulties when he was young, so he created Starfall to help children like him. The interactive games and exercises take into account the learning characteristics of children, making them easy to navigate and effective for learning. Since 2002, Starfall has expanded into a complete preschool curriculum and has developed more content, including songs, books, and math, extending the curriculum up to third grade. Starting from 2020, Starfall has further expanded and offers learning content for fourth and fifth grades.


    Please note: A family can share the same account among multiple children, but it is not allowed to have multiple addresses accessing the same account. Logging in from multiple addresses may result in account suspension, and we are not responsible for any consequences arising from this.


    Refund Policy:No refund for group buy orders. All sales are final.


  • AMC8 Math Competition (2023-2024)

    As the most influential middle school mathematics competition in North America, the AMC Math Competition attracts over 300,000 students to participate each year. As a partner organization of the Mathematical Association of America, we provide and organize the AMC8 competition annually. The schedule and locations for the 2023-2024 AMC8 competition are as follows:


    Date: 1/20/2024 10AM
    Address: 36-23 172nd Street, Fresh Meadows, NY 11358


    Date: 1/20/24 2:30PM
    Address: 64-86 Wetherole Street, Unit 1A, Rego Park, NY 11374


    Date: 1/21/24,2:30PM
    Address: 1002 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219


    We also offer small group and one-on-one coaching courses for AMC8, AMC10 and AMC12 competitions. Interested parents are welcome to contact customer service for inquiries.

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