• Great Writing


    Great Writing is a series developed by National Geographic Learning that uses the beautiful images and text materials from National Geographic to inspire students' interest in writing. Each level and unit provides clear writing standards and a large number of appropriately challenging exercises, including models, writing tasks, error correction, editing, and more. It is organized by level and theme, allowing students to progress from basic writing to academic writing through focused training.


    The Great Writing curriculum is designed as a thematic writing series and consists of 6 levels, starting with Foundations and progressing to L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5. It is a specialized material for developing students' English writing skills, introducing the basic concepts of writing and the process of constructing texts. Through the practice of rewriting native texts, students can intuitively learn English writing methods.


    Teacher will provide the necessary materials for each class to the students who sign up for the course, so parents do not need to purchase them separately.


    Great Writing

  • Wordly Wise 3000 Vocabulary


    Wordly Wise 3000 is the most widely used English vocabulary program for K-12 students in North America, with a history of over 50 years. It is recognized as the best method for rapidly increasing students' vocabulary and is loved by teachers and students alike. It can be regarded as a classic vocabulary teaching material and practice resource. One of the most important functions of Wordly Wise 3000 is to master academic vocabulary, improve students' vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills through vocabulary differentiation, reading comprehension, and usage.


    With the guidance of experienced teachers, students can have a deeper understanding of vocabulary. By using short passages, cloze exercises, sentence construction, and finding synonyms and antonyms in the materials, students can repeatedly memorize and apply words in various contextual environments to deepen their memory. This allows students to accurately use words in their writing, thereby improving their writing skills and increasing their level of intensive reading.


    The teachers are American public school English teachers with years of teaching experience in English. They have rich experience in improving students' vocabulary, reading and writing abilities, and enhancing their reading interest.


    Homework will be assigned in each class, and the teachers will check and provide feedback on the homework. There will be mid-term and final exams as well as exam reviews, and regular progress reports will be provided.


    Please click on the grade and course for more details.

  • Scholastic News Reading Class

    Scholastic News is a non-fiction reading content provided by Scholastic, the largest children's book publisher in the United States, for students in grades 1-6. Each issue revolves around current events, community and society, and natural science, while providing teachers with accompanying exercises and curriculum materials, focusing on developing students' reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.


    Scholastic News is divided into five levels: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grades 5-6. Each level selects appropriate topics based on the grade level and encourages students to observe and think about related issues from their perspective. The content is presented in a suitable manner to maximize students' interest in each topic.


    The Scholastic News reading program is led by licensed English teachers in American public schools. They guide students to read and discuss the magazine content every week, helping them understand community dynamics, current events, and natural science, learn unfamiliar vocabulary, develop critical thinking skills, and share their insights.


    Please select the course to view the class details. The teacher will provide electronic versions of the magazine or other class materials required for each class to the registered students.


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