Python Coding

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Python Programming Class aims to cultivate students' interest in programming and logical thinking, suitable for students with no programming background. Click to read the detailed description of the Python Programming Class.


Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, dynamic data type high-level programming language. Python is concise, elegant, and widely used, making it suitable for beginners to learn programming.


The invited teacher has 25 years of teaching experience, is friendly and approachable, familiar with the psychology, interests, and needs of young students. The teacher is good at guiding the cultivation of students' logical thinking and arousing their interest in learning by starting with topics that students are interested in. The teaching materials used are clear and convenient. The goal is to make students learn Python skills and easily master this technical tool.


The teacher is currently a computer software engineer with more than 20 years of software development experience and 10 years of programming teaching experience. He is familiar with Python, Java, web development, and big data related technologies. At present, he provides training for computer software engineers of Fortune 500 companies and is completing his computer doctoral degree, majoring in data analysis.


Please click to select the specific schedule. Please prepare a computer for your child to study. It can be a desktop computer, laptop, or Chromebook, but not an iPad. Students need to be proficient in using computers, mice, and keyboards.


Limited time offer: Enrolling in this course will give you one month of Science and Technology Club membership benefits, allowing you to participate in 4 club activities, worth $60. After enrolling in the course, please add the familiar AIxue customer service on WeChat to receive it. If you don't have a familiar AIxue customer service, please add WeChat: aixueusa. AIxue's old users are welcome to inquire about the activity of forwarding and exchanging points.

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Beginner Level 1 Outline

  • Intro to Python
  • Error Handling
  • Lists 1
  • Lists 2
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Strings 1
  • Strings 2
  • Modules
  • Dictionaries 1

Beginner Level 2 Outline

  • Recap
  • Dictionaries 2
  • Files
  • Classes
  • Function Arguments
  • Namespaces
  • Scope
  • Functions Deep Dive 1
  • Functions Deep Dive 2
  • Functions Deep Dive 3

Beginner Level 3 Outline

  • Recap
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Unit Testing 1
  • Unit Testing 2
  • Iterators
  • Generators
  • Collections 1
  • Collections 2
  • Resource Management
  • Project

Intermediate Level 1 Outline

  • Recap
  • Web Development
  • Flask Framework
  • Database
  • Security
  • Personalization
  • Build and Deployment
  • Project
  • Project
  • Project

Intermediate Level 2 Outline

  • Recap
  • Intro to Data Analysis
  • Python Library for Statistics
  • Python Library for Data Manipulation and Analysis
  • Data Visualization 1
  • Data Visualization 2
  • Statistics for Data Analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Project
  • Project

Intermediate Level 3 Outline

  • Recap
  • Intermediate Data Structures
  • Chatbots 1
  • Chatbots 2
  • Chatbots 3
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Project
  • Project
  • Project

Advanced Level 1 Outline

Week 1: Matplotlib and Data Operations
Week 2: Chart Properties
Week 3: Chart Styling
Week 4: Box Plots
Week 5: Heat Maps
Week 6: Scatter Plots
Week 7: Bubble Charts
Week 8: 3D Charts
Week 9: Time Series
Week 10: Linear Regression
Week 11: Graph Algorithms
Week 12: Search Algorithms
Week 13: Sorting Algorithms
Week 14: Recursion
Week 15: Divide and Conquer
Week 16: Graphs
Week 17: Heaps
Week 18: Search Tree
Week 19: Binary Search Tree
Week 20: 3D Plots

Classroom Rules

Before class, please make sure you and your child are prepared to avoid any delays.
  • Parents are requested to assist their child in installing the Zoom software and checking their devices to ensure a smooth online learning experience.
  • Please check the charging status of the computer or iPad before class to avoid any unexpected battery issues.
  • During class, please try to maintain a quiet environment at home.
  • Students must have their Zoom camera turned on during class so that the teacher can see them.
  • The Zoom name must be the same as the child's registered name for the class. The classroom is only open to registered students, and the teacher may ask anyone not on the list to leave.
  • Make sure your child is familiar with the mute, chat, and raise hand functions in Zoom.
  • To ensure the smooth running of the class, staff members will participate to assist and supervise.
  • Parents are requested to monitor their child's completion of homework and ensure that it is submitted to the teacher on time via Google Classroom.

Refund Policy

  • If a class cannot be formed after registration, a full refund will be provided.
  • A full refund can be requested before the start of the first class.
  • After the first class, withdrawals are allowed (with the deduction of the first class fee). The remaining tuition fees will be refunded as points to the account, or arrangements can be made for a class transfer.
  • After the second class, withdrawals or class transfers are no longer allowed.
  • If a student is absent due to their own reasons, a video recording will be provided. No refund or point refund will be given.

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